As I’ve said in an earlier post, the 1st of every month is always the best time to take on new challenges. April is right around the corner and I have outlined a few challenges for myself.

I am actually using the blog to put my commitments out there, in hopes that I don’t abandon them in the long run. When people know about your plans, it’s like you have this kind of pressure to make sure you accomplish them. I have postponed my plans way too many times!

So what are these challenges of mine?

1) Complete Beachbody’s Insanity program*. I have started it 2-3 times and never managed to go through the whole 63 days because of exams, vacation, periods, etc. I keep saying that I want abs, and I’ve come to realize that this statement is too vague. I know how Insanity can produce great results, so it makes the path to a firm stomach sound more attainable.

2) Do April’s 30-day green smoothie challenge. I mean, why not! I’ve talked about it in my previous post! Check it out for yourself!

3) Drink 2 liters of water a day challenge. I know I don’t drink the recommended amount of water on a daily basis and it has started to reflect on my skin. There are probably tons of water reminder apps out there! I’ll look into it.

*I’ll definitely post a before/after picture when I’ll have completed the program.

Are any of you taking on new challenges in prevision of summer? How do you manage to keep focus? Please do share your tips and tricks in the comment section!

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