Having dry skin during the winter time is the worst skin condition ever! Okay, I take it back; eczema, psoriasis and what not…there are actually worst conditions out there. But for us creatures of God who came into this world in shades of milk and dark chocolate, dry flaky skin is a real nightmare…Most black people I know, regardless male or female, carry a bottle of lotion in their bag at all times. Simply because sand paper looking hands, ashy kneecaps and rock lookalike elbows are a big no no! Lack of moisture CAN’T be dissimulated: white kneecaps over brown skin will be seen from a distance, just like high beam car lights on a black vehicle rolling on a freshly asphalted road (that’s black…you get it) at night…well at least to other black people’s eyes.

How many times have I left my house to go chill with Miguel, only to realize after a long while that I had missed the back of my legs while applying lotion! I would then tell Miguel (he’s Asian), “babe you need to let me know when my skin is dry!! You can’t let me walk in the streets like that” and he’d say something like “well I didn’t notice it”, or “your skin isn’t dry at all”. Like BRUH! Guys…please, from now on, when you say to a black friend (or anyone for that matter, because dry skin affects us all), “I’ve got your back”, well for the love of their self-esteem and in the name of healthy looking skin, know that this statement includes the back of their legs as well as their elbows (unless your friend is ratchet and/or doesn’t care about his/her looks).

I usually can handle the thirst of my skin, but this winter…OOH GUURRD!! It is out of control! Here’s how bad it is: so I have a cat named Simba. Sometimes when we play he gets possessed by some evil spirit and starts scratching me as if he wants me to turn into Cat Woman or something. The scratches will bleed a little, then they’ll heal… no biggie. However, lately, I’ve been waking up to lots of little scabs on my body (that I cannot resist to pick on), from what looks like scratches that would have healed overnight. Problem is, they aren’t from Simba. I mean, I think I’d remember if Simba scratched my butt (and he’d remember not to do it again).Ultimately, I realized that my skin would get so dry that it’d tear up here and there. Well it seems like the ton of lotion I apply day and night hydrates my clothes rather than my skin. I must say that I have yet to find THE hydrating lotion by excellence for my skin.


That’s why FRANK comes in handy. It’s a natural coffee scrub whose smell will make you go “OOH GUURRD” and whose properties will soothe your skin and make it worthy to be seen bare again. So what I’ll do is get down and dirty with FRANK once a week as it “target dry skin, stretch marks, cellulite, eczema, psoriasis, acne and scarring” ( I’ll leave it on for a good 10-15 minutes before rinsing it off; just enough for my skin to quench the thirst. It has also helped a lot in fading the scars on my ankles; Simba got fleas late last year and as he used to sleep at the bottom of my bed, some of his undesirable invitees (they are the devil’s sons) jumped on my legs and had a feast. By the time I realized what bit me and was causing such painful irritation, I had scratched my skin until it bled (I was going nuts), therefore the scars that resulted from those periods of itching rage were pretty big and gross. Only for this reason am I “glad” that it’s not summertime yet, because my legs are NOT ready for the world! FRANK is slowly but surely getting things in order.


I’ve been scrubbing with the Cacao Coffee Scrub (smelling like a giant chocolate cake is the best part) and I love it! The other available ones are the Original, the Coconut and the Peppermint Coffee scrubs. Frank also launched a new body balm not too long ago! I’m totally going to get me a pack because my skin still manages to get awfully dry in between scrubs. I’ll eventually update you on that. In the meantime, head over to and order yourself a body loving FRANK. *I’ve been talking about FRANK as if it’s an actual person, but only because that’s how it advertises itself (check his Instagram account here to get what I mean).

PS.: As FRANK would say, “real men do scrub too”. So guys, try it out as well! It’ll help make your muscle gain induced stretch marks fade away! I had Miguel try it and he loved it. I could see it in his eyes! FRANK loves errbody and errbody loves smooth skin.

Psst…FRANK would make a great Valentine’s day gift! Canadian babes get free shipping on all orders!

Is there a moisturizing product your skin can’t live without? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. stacy says:

    omg love that article. ur’so funny! havent’t find something yet that works for me. I need to try that!

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