OOH GUURRD! I had to begin this post with this for two reasons! 1) The weather in Montreal today is an aberration. Why is Mother Nature trying to turn me into a chocolate Popsicle? Why does winter even exist? Some places on this planet do perfectly fine with 2 or 3 seasons. If Mister Global Warming is going to stick around and mess things up well he better start doing it right: Canada needs to go from summer to autumn then straight back to spring! Eradicate the other cold b*tch! 2) The pictures in this post are about to make me cry.

Guess what’s around the corner people! Valentine’s Day! That one day so much people love to hate. Personally, it leaves me quite indifferent. Well I’m talking from the standpoint of someone who’s in a long-term relationship. For those who are still at the beginning of their love story, I do understand that there might be a desire to impress and/or be impressed with the perfect candlelight supper, the plush teddy bear (that we sleep with for a week before it gets lost under the bed…sorry babe), the reddest roses, and a box of assorted Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Otherwise, there is no reason to get all hyped up. I mean, if you’re all excited and counting down the days because your better half is going to make it a “special” day and shower you with sweetness…you need to calm down booboo. “Cute” demonstrations of love shouldn’t be reserved for one day, so if Valentine’s Day has that much meaning to you (unless it’s an anniversary or something), your partner needs to fix his/her game. But that’s none of my business!

I thought I’d share with you my three favorite dessert spots in town. Seriously, if you haven’t been to at least one of these places…take some notes. Perfect for couples, with friends or solo (no shame in my game). *If you’re planning on making a nice impression, but you’re the type to clean your plate with your fork (you paid for that chocolate!!) and look 3 months pregnant after you’re done eating dessert…make sure to distract your booboo prospect with an interesting conversation. Trust me when I say that these places will make you go on piglet mode (just try to be a well-mannered piglet).

1. Cacao70
After school, after work (there’s a location close to my workplace…OOH GUURRD), for brunch or late at night, Cacao70 is great for any occasion. They have an extensive selection of chocolates from around the world (Ecuador, Tanzania, Venezuela, etc.).  Good old milk chocolate is always my choice of predilection though! They have plates for two that you can share with your booboo (how romantic) or with your amazing self (no one will judge you).



2. Juliette & Chocolat
Juju has been blessing chocolate lovers since 2002. It all started on St-Denis street, and now there are 6 locations in the city. They have salty crepes and salads, but that’s not what you go there for. At Juliette & Chocolat, you eat the chocolate, you drink the chocolate, you become the chocolate! Crepes, waffles, brownies, pastries! It might take you a while to make a choice! I’ve been loyal to the same crepe for the past few years though: fruits, melted chocolate (dark, milk or white) and ice cream (vanilla, chocolate or praline). IMG_0143

3. Cocktail Antabli
This Lebanese dessert joint will make you forget about winter as you step in! Palm trees, parrots and warm-colored walls send you to the tropics but it’s really the cocktails that will blow your taste buds away! You can choose from a vast array of fresh and exotic fruits and juices such as mango, papaya, avocado, pineapple, guava, etc. Top your drink, crepe or waffle with some achta (a delicious pastry cream used in Lebanese and Arabic desserts) covered with crushed pistachios and honey. OOH GUURRD!! Don’t forget to have a cup (or more) of their homemade ice creams.




Where do you go for great desserts? Let me know in the comments below!

2087 St-Catherine W, Montreal
1310 St-Catherine E, Montreal
51-53 William St, Ottawa

Juliette & Chocolat
309190 Boul. Leduc, Brossard
1615 St-Denis St, Montreal,
525 Prom. du Centropolis, Laval
377 Laurier W, Montréal
1626 St-Catherine W, Montreal
3600 St-Laurent, Montreal

Cocktail Antabli
9254 De L’Acadie Blvd, Montreal
3500 Côte-Vertu Blvd, Ville Saint-Laurent


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  1. whitney says:

    Mmm, all of these places look amazing. I visit Montreal a few times a year and will have to remember these!

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