How I love this short but well needed winter vacation! This past uni semester began extremely well but ended in a disaster! I try not to think about my finals results and enjoy my break as much as I can but I won’t  lie…they hunt me at night.

The weekend after my classes ended, I went on a little road trip to Niagara Falls with Miguel (my bf). We had already been there with our families in the past, but we figured it would be great to visit again together. It must have been 10 years since my last visit, therefore it almost felt like seeing the Falls for the first time.

We were blessed with beautiful weather on our way there. Its as if Ontario was stuck in autumn! There was barely any snow along the 401 highway! We were welcomed with blue skies and a surprising temperature of 7 degrees Celsius. I was glad I brought my new baby blue coat with me! I was scared I’d freeze to death since it has no hood, no zippers and no buttons (my mom says buying this coat was a folly lmao), so I was happy to see that the weather allowed me to wear it without looking like a fool! One thing I really can’t stand is people who are not dressed appropriately. You know these folks that walk with their coats open while everybody else has theirs zipped completely to the top. I think what bothers me the most is the fact that they always want to act as if they’re not cold. I mean, honey, your skin is not thicker than everyone else’s. Not too long ago (bout a week ago haha) I saw a bunch of guys walking down the street. They all had their coats and hats on, except for this one guy wearing shorts! Yes! Shorts in winter! I had my coat, scarf, hat, and gloves and yet I was still freezing! I looked at his face and I recognized the ”I’m about to die of hypothermia in them streets, but I must act as if the cold is not bothering me at all” facial expression. I seriously feel like slapping some sense into these people! I guess if they went ”BRR BRR” or rubbed their arms or blew hot air in their hands, they’d seem like sane people.

Okay I just wrote a whole paragraph on this pet peeve of mine! This is just to show to what extent it bothers me! Please, I beg you, whatever the reason explaining why you are dressed for spring in -20 degrees Celsius weather, do NOT act like it’s normal! As Ranulph Fiennes would say, ” there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”. Well, we definitely have bad weather here during winter time, so the ”I’m too cool for warmth” act cannot be pulled off without looking like a cray cray person.

That being said (LOL), I enjoyed this blue on blue on blue (my coat, the sky, the Falls) moment! I’ve had a few people (guys only duh) joking that my coat looks like a bath robe (-_-). Okay I see where they’re coming from with this. I myself had to put it on a few times before being really satisfied with my purchase. Here are a few pictures I captured on my weekend getaway trip! I hope you enjoy them!

I hope you are all finding a way to enjoy the Holiday season! xo













COAT (currently on sale): ASOS



  1. Mariam says:

    LOL at your pet peeve. Keep them articles coming ♡

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