Back to school, shorter days, cold temperatures; fall has been upon us for a while now. Yet, summer is still on my mind. It comes so late, and leaves so fast here in Quebec. Every year, I find myself thinking how short summer was and how I feel like I didn’t enjoy it enough. That thought stays in my mind until I realize that I worked so many hours all summer long, but yet my savings have not increased. Suddenly, I start to remember all the cool things I did during the season (and why I spent so much).

So before I definitely turn the page over summer 2014, and accept the fact that clouds and rain will rule over the sky for the next few months, let me do a little recap!

In May, Miguel (my bf) and I decided to visit Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I had already been to California with a good friend of mine in the past– in San Francisco to be more precise, but SF and LA are totally different. Problem is, if you only stick to the name of the city, you’ll think that it’s a warm place crowded with palm trees. ERR!! Oh my! What a beautiful BUT COLD AND WINDY city (mostly at night)! Thank God we had our leather jackets. But we actually ended up buying hats, socks (we were wearing ballerinas), and gloves. Otherwise we wouldn’t have survived the double-deck bus tours!

So I learned the hard (and cold) way that California isn’t warm all over the place. Los Angeles was a dream place of mine to visit! I couldn’t stop smiling! I wish I could’ve stolen a palm tree and planted it in my backyard here in Montreal (I’m seriously obsessed with palm trees; they’re my favorite trees). We spent our 3 days there walking and exploring the city. We didn’t take the obligatory ”celebrity houses and Hollywood sign” bus tour, simply because my boyfriend didn’t feel like paying to be able to pass by rich people houses, and to him, the Griffith Observatory was a close enough location to take a proper picture with the Hollywood (you’ll be the judge of that). Oh well, I’ll take that tour one day!

After our stay in Los Angeles, we took the road and headed to Las Vegas! Here again, there are things that I feel like we should have done but didn’t do. Las Vegas is the city of lights and shows, but yet we didn’t attend any (please someone tell me that we’re not ridiculous!). We did enjoy our time there though. We visited pretty much all the hotels on the strip, gambled a little (I actually won 30$…then lost it all lol!), and went clubbing. Let’s not forget that I got to buy a few sweet treats from Carlos’ Bakery!! It’s as good as it seems on TV!



I’m in looooove with palm trees! They put me in such a good mood (I sound crazy I know).


I had seen one too many posts with #runyoncanyon on Instagram!! There was no way I was leaving LA without climbing that mountain! There are several paths to the top and I was a little bummed that we couldn’t find the one that led to the little box that I had seen in so many pictures. Oh and we got a parking ticket because we left the car in a spot that had to be cleared by sunset. We cheered ourselves by fueling up at In-N-Out Burger!


They sure know how to party in Las Vegas!


One day I shall stand before the real Eiffel Tower, but this was close enough!




About two months later, Miguel and I traveled to Hawaii! What a dream place! As we drove up Highway 19, heading to our condo in Waikoloa (Big Island), we could see the sun setting down behind the lava fields; I almost cried. We actually got there on the 4th of July, so we had the chance to see the fireworks that night.






We went to a Luau while in Maui. I believe this is a must do when in Hawaii. I literally cried during the event (I’m such a cry baby). I just couldn’t believe that I had real Polynesian dancers performing before my eyes. These are things I had seen on TV or in movies so needless to say that I pinched myself several times during the show. Miguel also got me a fresh flower necklace and I got to take a picture with one of the dancers.




On top of Mauna Kea, one of Big Island’s dormant volcanoes and highest point in the state of Hawaii. The summit, which is 4,207 meters high, houses the world’s largest observatory for optical, infrared, and submillimeter astronomy.


We took a supper sunset cruise…it was magical! I totally understand why so many couples go to Hawaii for their honeymoon. I definitely wouldn’t mind going back for mine (hehe).



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