Winter dressing can be such a pain. I’ve always liked the idea of wearing multiple layers, but I’d more often than not end up looking like a mess. Layering is an art; some have it, some don’t, some don’t even know what it means. Well, let’s just say that there are two types of layering.The first type is the one worthy of Pinterest, that we all wish to pull off. In my eyes, it starts with a nice top and cozy yet stylish bottoms, an eye-catching cardigan, a warm parka or wool coat, a chunky scarf and beautiful-AND-made-for-walking-on-snow-and-ice boots. So basically, if you get too hot, the simple top, pants, and boots will look great. Add the cardigan and the scarf to the mix and it gets better, throw over the coat and you’re now a winter goddess.

Well…the way my wardrobe is set up…I can’t always embody my vision. I’d typically step out of the house in my worn out by the salt boots, thick socks, long johns under my college sweatpants and my “I <3 NYC” hoodie”. That’s type #2. Cringe worthy, I know. But I’d tell myself “ain’t nobody got time to be fashionable when it’s that cold outside”. I’d complete my outfit with my elegant Rudsak dawn coat. I consciously knew that I looked like a homeless person who probably got gifted with a nice coat. I ended up mastering the “no shame in my game” face, proud of myself for protecting my body against the cold! After all, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad apparel right! Yup, but I was doing it all wrong.

One day, Annie, my sister from another mother, told me to stop wearing sweatpants for anything else than chilling in the house. She said wearing them in public was a sign that I lost control of my life. Wuuut?! Then she added that one must always look good because you never know who you might stumble upon in the streets. There was also something about being “on point” from head to toe in case you cross paths with your enemies (I don’t have enemies, but I must admit that seeing someone you don’t like goes smoother when you’re well put together instead of looking like…you’ve lost control of your life). Annie had received the speech from a friend before and lived up to it. I made her proud and ditched the sweatpants (I actually don’t even know where they are right now).

My winter dressing is not where I’d like it to be on the fashion meter yet, but it has improved greatly since then. I’m still not used to wearing lots of items at once. I love the idea of wearing a t-shirt under an unbuttoned jean shirt, topped with a long cardigan, but I’d feel like I’m “wasting” three tops instead of one. Old ways are hard to change! That’s why I’ve really been into chunky knits lately. They’re big and warm enough so that I don’t need to wear anything else under or over them but my coat.

I paired this awesome white turtleneck from Mango (love the hem) to my oversized baby blue wool coat from Asos. I wanted to stay in the same cool color palette therefore I put on a pair of silky white and grey leopard print trousers (I had leggings under them hehe). Dressed the whole outfit down by putting on a pair of white Reebok sneakers. I’ve been wearing sneakers quite often this season; not because I’m suicidal, but because I’ve ruined all my boots by not removing them carefully (you know when you press the back of your shoe with the front of your other shoe, then pull your foot out? That lazy technique earned me two boots with detached soles).

How do you feel about winter dressing?!










Asos oversized wool coat (similar here and here)
Mango oversized turtleneck knit (similar here and here)
Mango leopard print trousers (similar here)
Reebok sneakers
Adidas beanie


4 Responses to WINTER HUES

  1. hakeem says:

    My girlfriend has the same coat! Nice article

  2. Rose says:

    Love the turtleneck

  3. says:

    Great article! Love the white, cream and baby blue mixt!

    I love so much sweatpants, I wish they weat more fashionable!


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