It’s 2:10 am! The weekend is here! Woohoo! Truth be told, I actually don’t feel the weekend hype (I actually dread the weekend) since I’ve been working on the weekends for years now. I have mad side-eye action going on in my head when people wish me to “have a great weekend”! Oh what an internal pain I feel when I reply “you too”!

Today is quite an emotional day. In a few hours I shall drive up to my great friend Rose’s house, pick her up and drop her off at the airport. To think that my face will be the last familiar one she’ll see for the next couple of months puts me in all kinds of emotional states of mind. I’m still wearing last night’s makeup…maybe I should keep it on so I look cute for my homiebooboo (totally came up with that word, feel free to use it)! This woman right here has been called to blossom and shine in the Caribbean! As a cook, she’ll get to work in a well known resort by day and bask in the sun by night! I would definitely switch up lives with her right now, considering she is about to skip the coldest months of our craycray Quebec winter!


She held a lovely farewell happy hour on Thursday at SuWu in the Plateau (their house cocktails are half priced from 5pm-7 pm). I love weekday get-togethers (consequence of working on the weekend). I got to see friends I had not seen in a long while, socialize with new acquaintances and just catch up on life with others.  There were no tears or sadness; of course she’s leaving for a long time and God only knows if she’ll ever come back since she might renew her contract indefinitely, but everyone is so happy for her and this new chapter of her life! Rose is definitely one of the most genuine persons I know; we have no filters (and sometimes it hurts) but that’s what I like about our nine year (and counting) friendship. Her impulsiveness and free spirit brought her to Mexico, to France, and now to the Bahamas…all decisions made in a matter of less than two weeks. Do all the folks born on Valentine’s day listen to their heart the way she does? Well, unplanned decisions can turn into the best plans in ones life.

“Ce n’est qu’un aurevoir, ma soeur
Ce n’est qu’un aurevoir
Oui, nous nous reverrons, ma soeur
Ce n’est qu’un aurevoir”


SuWu Neighborhood bar
3581 Saint-Laurent


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